Malaysia’s strength is its diversity and if our companies and economy are to perform better, Malaysia’s diversity should be mirrored in the workplace, in each and every employer.

Research shows a positive correlation between a diverse workforce and the bottom line. Having a wide range of perspectives represented leads to being able to draw upon a diverse set of competencies, experience and knowledge to successfully address complex issues that organisations face.

Addressing the most pressing challenge in diversity in increasing the women representation in the workforce, CnetG Asia's AWE (Advancing Women Leaders) programs are designed to help bridge the gap. 
CnetG Asia is committed to being a CATALYST in the industry to partner with organisations to strengthen their gender diversity composition and to help IDENTIFY, DEVELOP & ELEVATE women executives to develop a sustainable talent pipeline.

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“We are able to achieve a diverse pool of candidates when we work in partnership with clients understanding their requirements and conduct a systematic search to look for the best talent for their positions and that will result in the best male or female candidate based on merit.” 
Raj Kumar, CnetG Asia’s Director of Executive Placements