CnetG Participating HR Tech Asia Convention

In a speech at the recent HR Tech Asia Convention (HRTAC 19) CnetG's founder, Raj Kumar Paramanthan, gave a speech about 8 mega trends that will set center stage in Asia and will be disruptive.

He addressed the issues leaders will have to overcome in the next years and shared ideas how to handle them successfully.
Good leaders know that upcoming trends do not only change our environment requiring new approaches, but also create new opportunities that can make us successful.

In order to grab those opportunities flexible and open leadership styles such as transformative leadership are needed.

Transformative leadership can be shaped by the following three "H":

Heart - organizations that are driven by higher purpose, beyond economic value of their products, but transcending environment and sustainability, ethics and integrity will drive employees purpose, motivation and drive.

Head - a leader who is continuously learning and inclusive of the circles of influence around her or him; inspires people to become a better version of themselves; and comfortable with the discomforts and humility to accept that you do not know what you do not know, but see the future ahead. Listen to the undercurrents that will drive people to emulate and excel.

Hand - salary and rewards alone do not work, if Heart and Head are not aligned.

Transformative leadership is not only about overcoming disruptions and keeping on track, but also about being open minded to learn and become a better version of oneself every day in all aspects and forms.
An article by Raj Kumar Paramanthan (IRC Malaysia and Thailand).