Navigating the Future - Purposeful Organisations, Leadership and Talents

On 9th November 2018 CnetG's founder, Raj Kumar Paramanthan, had the privilege to moderate a panel discussion on "Navigating the Future - Purposeful Organisations, Leadership and Talents".
The session organised by Propay Partners and co-hosted by Novo Nordisk was held at the brand new office of Novo Nordisk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The speakers - Alison Sellar, CEO and foudner of ActivPayroll; Patrizia Forgheri, Head of People and Organisation at Novo Nordisk; Bharat Avalani, a Unilever veteran and CEO of Connect the Dots Marketing Consultant - spoke passionate and emotion-driven about how their individual purposes generated leadership, guided their personal life choices especially in unknown situations.

Discussion focused around real purpose, authentic leadership in corporate and local cultures and toxic employees. Questions from the audience were raised about how to drive this concept in a local firm where focus centers around business, sales and profitability and how a leader skillfully juggles different roles in the face of adversity, including being a mother at home and a people manager in the office.

Very capturing were the insights from Novo Nordisk's intrinsic purpose that goes beyond curing diabetes. In some third world countries Novo Nordisk is committed to sell each vial at no more than USD 4.00 and leads numerous initiatives to improve the overall health standards throughout the country. Furthermore, they sponsor cyclists comprising of diabetic patients who participate in the Tour de France and deliver a strong message of a healthy lifestyle to the world.
An article by Adrian Sasgary (CnetG Asia).