Energy: Localisation of Leadership Position

Client: International Energy EPCC

Vacancy: Regional Head of Civil, Asia
  • The key challenge was to find a local Malaysian who has good knowledge of culture and dynamics to fill the position.
  • Competitor organizations hire expats
  • Locals with similar experience based overseas, require strong pull factor
  • The remuneration package was not on par, no benchmarking done
  • Joint discussion with HR to improve the remuneration package, align requirements based on “nice to have” and “must have”, align HQ’s key requirements with KL’s key requirements.
  • A search covering over 30 companies that are into infrastructure engineering and construction with over 70 candidates approached.
  • Position filled with a Malaysian based in Indonesia working for a Malaysian Energy company.
  • Candidate joined in January 2012 and successfully took over the expat held position.