Industrial: Talent Review of Acquired Malaysian Entity

Client: NYSE Listed Furnishing Company

Vacancy: Talent Review
(General Manager, Regional Sales Manager- SEA,Supply Chain Manager, HR Manager)
  • Culture Transformation – People not engaged, lack of trust and interest, lacks transparency.
  • Current management team – Lacking capabilities to drive business with new leadership in HQ.
  • Productivity and Innovation – Plant lacking efficiency, low productivity, lack quality and safety.
  • Completed a thorough Talent Review – Suggested to redeploy current GM, enhance HR organization, hire new leader for Supply Chain.
  • Hire a Regional Sales Manager to be based in Singapore where international architects and design firms are based.
  • General Manager – Hire an individual who is able to bridge between current GM and workforce, without impacting trust level. Understands local culture and able to transform, strong in plant effectiveness and optimization and people skills.