Consumer Goods

CnetG Asia serves various key clients that are amongst the biggest brand names to consumers, both local, regionally and internationally. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry is constantly evolving according to customer’s needs and market landscape.

The focus on consumer and retail have moved to digital and there is a lot of dependency on technology and digital marketing in this region.

Due to emergence of local brands, international brands have to adapt differently to continue their appeal to their loyal customers and to attract new customers. There is also higher level of consciousness of kosher products, that have created emerging brands that provide alternatives to international brands, and usually cheaper and something that locals can relate to. The sales psyche changes accordingly and sales professionals must be able to understand and adapt.

Our consultants are experienced professionals with intimate knowledge of the industry and are skilled in identifying and placing dynamic talents in various leadership roles - both senior and junior.

We have successfully build long-term relationships with leading HR practioners and have supported clients in the following areas.

Our expertise:
  • Consumer goods
  • Food & beverage
  • Retail
  • Digital Marketing / E-Commerce
  • Packaging, colorants, additives
  • Tobacco
  • Sales & Marketing