Energy is one of CnetG Asia most prominent area of expertise. Representing key clients in various sectors of the Energy sector for the past 13 years, we have built a strong network and foundation to further expand into new growth sectors such as alternative / renewable energy, FPSO, FLNG and other exciting sub sectors.  CnetG expertise lies in identifying top talents for technical and commercial leadership roles within this intricate industry.  
CnetG consultants has served a broad base of clients globally to support and build leadership teams. 
Having seen the evolution of the industry over three recessions, we have a strong understanding of client and candidate behavioural patterns. Candidates in Asia are now more discerning after having gained work experience in a borderless business world, or having gained international work experiences. They are driven by the desire to lead or work with complex and challenging world class projects. They now know that the experience may not anymore be gained only abroad, but also closer within the SEA region, unlike before.

They are also aware of international compensation packages and more savvy during negotiation of offers. Having worked for Caucasian bosses, these talents are more aware that with the right leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, they can move on to senior positions in international offices.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, with the rapid growth of the industry in mid-2000, there are also engineers and commercial executives who moved rapidly, with increase in salaries but not the corresponding experience. Most often, they moved in the midst of projects, and do not have experience overseeing the whole life cycle of a project.

Clients on the other hand, were pressured to hire people fast and cost was not an issue. Hence, the selection of the right candidate is very important.

International expatriates, whether Europeans or Americans, as they are defined in Asia, are now more inclined to move to countries in Asia. They recognize that there are lot more developments and opportunities here, and the workload in their home country is thinning due to market saturation.

There is a huge focus in LNG and deepwater exploration in Asia, and they recognize that the expertise they possess is put to better use by joining the regional offices in this region. 
Our consultants have been instrumental in the setting up of a Oilfield Services business and a Gas Development & Technology division of an international offshore contractor. One of the Asian Project Directors we have hired now sits on the global project management think tank of an international oil & gas firm, where he is influential in establishing project management capabilities and standards for engineers worldwide.

We have also hired a Malaysian with international business acumen in the oil & gas industry to head up a major division overseeing the global account of an oil company. He has since built deep contacts, shifted the client's interest towards their business and increased order values from this client of his.

Traditionally, these roles are held by international expatriates but it is also important to understand local cultures where the top management of client organizations prefer to deal with equally capable locals who are being promoted into large roles. 
  • Transportation and Installation
  • Floating Platforms (FPSO and FLNG)
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Downstream (Refineries and petrochemical plants)
“International experience, good knowledge and expertise in the Energy industry.” 

Carol Koay, Regional HR Manager, 
Alstom Power Generation Asia Pacific