Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Practice group is another core expertise of CnetG Asia. Headed by one of the founding Director of the Company with over 13 years of expertise within the sector, CnetG Asia not only serves the healthcare sector but also the related life sciences sub sectors eg, Animal health, Bio research, Diagnostics, Surgical, Medical Devices, Consultancy and various sub sectors across functions like Sales, Marketing, Medical, Regulatory Affairs and other interdisciplinary roles. 
Our consultants are skilled to identify talents that understand the complexity of the industry, product knowledge, scientific/medical or cross industry experience and commercial mindset. 
There is a constant demand of medical experts with commercial acumen to take up advisory positions such as Medical Directors or Regulatory Directors. CnetG Asia's team of consultants have advised clients to look beyond resumes, to consider other portfolios of candidates who have similar academic qualifications and professional certifications, and can be developed to fill these challenging positions.

The sales process in the pharmaceutical sector is also different from that of consumer or retail. The sector is more regulated and there are strict guidelines in sales and customer service. We have a strong understanding of the sales process, the necessary experience and traits required and the network of highly capable sales professionals.
CnetG Asia has provided highly commendable, quality service as defined in terms of :  Resourcefulness - especially within a limited pharma market by exploring / exhausting all options. Realistic support – always tried to balance organisation’s budget consideration with suitability of candidate profile i.e. not too senior/ junior...
Deepa George, HR Director
Roche (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd