Ben Abbes Jihad

Founder of Jeet Academy KL
Self Defense Expert, Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do Instructor

Ben is a 34 years old Belgian citizen. He is formed as a lawyer, but worked as a Business Developer for many years. Today, he is an entrepreneur, founder of Jeet academy KL, the first self defense institute in Malaysia.
Our speaker is the reference in Self defense in the country, teaching regularly Self Defense to VIPs and corporate, and organises with his team, many community classes at his academy in disciplines as varied as the famous Krav Maga, the Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do, and less known but nonetheless efficient Kali.

He started his interest for Self Defense after having being victim of violent aggression in the streets of Brussels, his hometown, a summer night of 2007, finding himself powerless and clueless. Determinate to prevent such a scenario to happen again, he started training and searching more on the systems of self defense, focused on reality-based situations, and easy-to-learn efficient techniques. He studied the famous Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do, but also Kali- a weapon based Philippino system - and Krav Maga -a very effective military based method.

His journey has led him all over the world, from Belgium to China, passing by Cyprus and New York. And after more than a decade of training, He got his instructor degree in few of these systems. Beyond the  partial aspects, his researches have led him to focus on the psychological factors of violence, leading him to a very holistic approach of Self defense, not only martial. Rich of his multi level experiences, he share today his expertise, through his workshops and seminars conducted here in Malaysia and aboard, with techniques and principles to prevent and de-escalate violence, but also to react when necessary to violent aggression.
"I teach people to be more comfortable in the uncomfortable.” 
- Ben