L3E Reference Check

At CnetG Asia and IRC Global Executive Search Partners, we understand your need to hire the best talent for your business. Mindful of future employee retention and the pitfalls of a recruitment mismatch, our preeminent global talent advisory have crafted a unique L3E Reference Check to help validate your talent search.
L3E is an acronym based on the four quadrants we measure in talents - Leadership, Expertise, Engagement and Environment. Based on structured interviews and good questioning, CnetG Asia’s L3E beats the drab tick-box verification done by companies to satisfy their routine hiring process.  Our process, instead, is designed to delve deeper into the executive’s performance, leadership skills, technical expertise, team dynamics, professional accomplishments and interpersonal relationships. Seamless due diligence and secure background checks performed by our employment experts will also help you find the perfect fit in terms of ethics and expertise.
  • Why L3E?
    L3E carefully replaces your existing hiring exercise with an analytical evaluation of your prospective talent through information gathered via third-party observations & highly-placed industry sources. Records of past employment/performance and assessments on authenticity of facts in résumés are also carried out. We believe that our reference checks can also throw up new information on the candidate & help you decide better.
  • Who can use L3E?
    Just about anyone!

    If you have already partnered with us for executive search, this service will be offered to you as a value-add. For clients who have shortlisted candidates through their own internal recruitment, the L3E service is available for a separate fee. 
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