Power Lunch

Power Lunch...Inspiration on the Go!
The Power Lunch is a 60-minute session held in your office during lunch break
Inspired by the response from our external speaking and advocacy engagements, we realized there is so much to learn but there is so little time.

The session will be combination of interactive and sharing session by external experts on latest trends in D&I, Leadership and Wellness. You decide who should join, and any number. You may choose to provide lunch for the attendees or ask them to bring it themselves.

The idea is to set the floor with excitement and increase employee engagement. Your employees will leave the room inspired with actions to take, or simply some new knowledge.
These topics can enrich your team and drive business innovation ...
  • The Mix Matters because it pays!

    by Raj Kumar Paramanthan

    by Raj Kumar Paramanthan

    Organizational Excellence - If it aint broken, why fix it?

    • Popular case studies on businesses that failed
    • Data on diversity and why it matters
    • Chicken or Egg – Inclusion before Diversity

    Building an Inclusive Culture

    • Tone from the top
    • Understanding Unconscious Bias
    • Workplace processes and systems
  • The Art of Onboarding – Getting Your Leaders Up to Speed in Half the Time

    by Raj Kumar Paramanthan

    by Raj Kumar Paramanthan

    Picking the right talents to get on the bus

    • interview techniques

    Getting the right people in the right seats 

    • tell them how success looks like, the tools and people

    Reach your destination with happy people in their seats 

    • building shared purpose and constant alignment
  • Embracing the Growth Mindset & How to Crush your goals

    by Asha Menon

    by Asha Menon

    The Goal S Getting

    Basically everything You need to Build a Growth Mindset within yourself, team and organization. 

    • Mindset Check-Up
    • Growth Mindset Overview - Growth vs. Fixed Mindset 
    • Establish Growth Mindset: Beliefs
    • Establish Growth Mindset: Focus
    • Sustaining the Growth Mindset Culture

    Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with the plan.

    • The Elements of the Goal Getting System 
    • The "How-To" Strategy 
    • Essential Foundations to Crushing your goals.
  • Nutrition & Empowerment

    by Ben Abbes Jihad

    by Ben Abbes Jihad

    Principles of Self Defense 

    • to be more aware and familiar with the concept of Violence, Aggression, and Self Defense
    • to raise awareness and confidence
    • to be more prepared to face dangerous situations 

    Demonstration of Techniques and Countermeasures of Self Defense

    • the Weapons of Self Defense
    • Study Case Scenario : Reacting against a threat with weapons
    • Sharing Experiences and exchange the Audience
Contact us if you want to suggest any other topics that benefits your organisation.
Please register below or call us to inquire on speakers’ dates and fees. You will surely profit from this session!