Turnkey and Startup Projects

CnetG Asia understands the need for Turnkey Recruitment Projects that arises out of organisations needs for mass recruitment over all verticals in constrained time span.
Typically this sort of recruitment need emerges in scenarios of start ups, expansions or an M&A, the launch of a new division, geographical spread into new regions, quality enhancement exercises to inject fresh talent from outside in large scale to cope with the cultural change and industry demand, launch of new products, etc.

Enlisting the right resources to manage your start-up is essential, especially in an unknown domain, set of legal requirements and untapped talent pool.  
At CnetG Asia, a strong execution team is deployed, enabling you access to sound advices on business operations, pitfalls to watch, resource availability and time estimates till start-up of operations.  Our consulting team offers local insight and take a consultative approach to advising companies setting up in Malaysia.
These teams have been instrumental in the initial success of an international oil & gas company with initial hire of 137 people, a specialized machining company with a local management team of up to 20 professionals, an aviation MRO set up of up to 47 people and also, various discrete projects involving start-ups of pioneer teams for new a new business division, construction projects or product launches.
On client requests, we have mobilized our internal resources to process large volume responses, manage selection of required personnel, including the management of administrative details and logistics. We verify that employees are enrolled within the given deadlines and within the stipulated expense structures, while ensuring superiority in the standard of recruitment.