We provide our clients with market intelligence, including data, information and advice to ensure business continuity and growth. CnetG talent mapping consultancy and reports are written based on first-hand information cleverly extracted from domestic industry and targeted geography. The report will give your organization a strategic advantage by understanding the exact market you operate in.

The human capital is the most valuable asset any organizations have. Organizations realise the important of their talent and talent development with the current completive market once they lose market share or require expansions and growth. Talent mapping and restructuring become an important strategy and risk management measurement to ensure business continuity and minimal productivity disruption. There has to be a balance between having the right people who can grow and sustain the business as well as avoiding redundancy in the workforce.
Why you should consider talent mapping?

  • Attract Top Talents - Top talents in the market are not looking. Market mapping allows you to identify the top candidates and roles in the market for a better strategy approaching high calibre performers.
  • Retain Top Talents - Researching and understanding the market remuneration for a specific sector and job enables you to create competitive salary and packages to ensure you are able to retain or attract the desired talent without under or overpaying them.
  • Talent Planning - The ability to do a cost-efficient study if this role is better to be in-house or outsourced if needed. Creating a cost-efficient and productive business. 
  • Organization Structure - Researching competitor’s structures will assist with your own organizational planning and development. Understanding the structure of successful competitor businesses can assist with creating a vision for your company’s future, including identifying next steps and key hires required for expansion.
  • Brand Perception – Strengthen your employer brand by measuring market perception of your brand in comparison to your competitors. 

Our market mapping report will enable your business to make well-informed decisions on:

  • Are you paying your key talents right?
  • What is the market pay for new positions in the company? 
  • What roles you need to hire?
  • How potential talents view your employer brand?
  • What are your competitors doing in specific areas?

How is it done?

  • Analyze and Chart Current Assets
  • Inform About Target Groups or Individuals
  • Define and freeze scope of market mapping
  • Generate a Talent Pipeline
  • Provide an Overview of the Competition
  • Facilitate Well-Executed Succession Planning
  • Help You Stay Connected

Want to know morE?

Our extensive network of leaders and professionals in the industry provides the opportunity to stay current with talents and norms so you can adapt to meet your changes or expansions.

Contact us to get a personal market mapping offer based on your needs.
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