Our Selection Process

The following are some insights to help you through our selection process:
  • The First Step
    Determining Your Suitability For A Current Opening
    Select the category that you belong to, and browse through for the current openings with CnetG. Click on the desired position and read and understand the job description and requirements. Upon determining your suitability and if you decide to apply, proceed with clicking on Apply Now.

    You could also forward the job profile to your friends, or print.

    If you had submitted your resume before, or even if you intend to submit now, ensure that your resume contains your key experiences so that your resume appears as a search result, when we do a search on our database based on the desired skills and experience.

    We will proceed with the Second Step, upon completion of which, you will be contacted if the matching process is successful. 
  • The Second Step
    Understanding the Selection Process
    After a careful evaluation of all the resumes, our consultant in charge will then sieve through to pick out candidates that match the dominant requirements of the job based on qualification, industry experience and level, besides academic excellence and other criteria. The pre-screened candidates will be contacted for an interview with us.

    What Do We Look At?

    Our selection criteria is based on identified credentials and qualities that we would like our candidates to possess. Among others, we look for candidates who can prove his/her:

    • Industrial Experience
    • Qualification
    • Outstanding Achievements at Work
    • Good interpersonal skills and maturity level

A Peek Into Our Selection Process
There is no one-size that fits all in our selection process, as it varies for different positions and levels, and the client’s requirements. Generally, our friendly consultant will embark on the following processes:
  • Application Form
    Once you received a notification mail from us on the receipt of your application, the process begins.

    We aim to notify successful applications and invite short-listed candidates for a pre-qualifying session within 1 week of receiving applications. We do not reply or advise those who have not been shortlisted for interviews with us. As a guide, selection for the pre-qualifying session will be based on established selection criteria.
  • Pre-qualifying Selection
    Our pre-qualifying session will be attended by one or more consultants, depending on the position.

    Upon going through standard introduction to our company and the process to anticipate, the interview takes place. You will be assessed based on the dominating criteria and personal assessment such as interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skill, maturity, creativity, resilience and other established selection criteria.
  • Client’s Qualifying Session
    The client’s Hiring Manager and their internal team will review the set of recommended candidates and the respective reports prepared by CnetG.

    CnetG will then contact you, if you had been shortlisted for an interview with the client. We will then provide the necessary information to facilitate the smooth execution of the interview.
  • Preparing for Interview
    Candidates from CnetG always make the mark at interviews. We bank on First Impression.

    Don’t forget to ask our consultants, for tips to improve your standing in the second interview, based on your performance in the last interview, and also our client’s requirements. Whether or not the offer is going into your pocket, act as though you are the solution to their need. Then again, you will have the prerogative to accept the offer, but that comes last.