“Wind beneath my wings” - a series of small group coaching sessions.

Aiming to help elevate your leadership capabilities in the new normal.


  • Exclusive career coaching with small group size (max. 8 pax)
  • Facilitated by an awarded Executive Coach
  • Comfortable online sessions via Zoom / MS Teams that won't take too much of you precious time
  • 2 X 90 minutes sessions every month
  • Aiming to enhance your leadership capabilities by learning how to:
    successfully manage yourself and your team, and work on 2 challenges/opportunities every session
  • You will get the opportunity to engage Executive Coach for one on one coaching through a separate arrangement

Our online career coaching will deliver sustainable change and success!                                                                 Register now

Why “Wind Beneath My Wings”?

Leadership is a long-haul journey. Successful leaders know that being self-aware, actively seeking feedback and having the courage to work on their development areas are key to becoming a better leader every day and thriving in the emerging world.

Almost all Senior leaders of major organisations work with Executive coaches on a one on one basis to unravel their blind spots, develop empowering perspectives, bounce ideas and practice their newly acquired skills in a safe, judgment free environment.

Many leaders find value in experiencing learning in a small closed group of fellow leaders from different industry. A group environment helps leaders to form a trusted environment with fellow learners and accelerate the learning through facilitation by an Executive coach. The advantage of this approach is to have opportunities to experience, problem solve and grow from different leader’s individual challenges in different context, setting and industry.

Migratory birds form a V pattern while flying long distances. Each bird takes a turn leading the formation, working hard for creating the lift for other birds while other birds fly with lesser effort. The birds take turns in taking the lead, thus helping the entire flock to travel longer and faster than would be individually impossible to accomplish. A powerful leadership approach and lesson for all of us.

There is never a dull moment in a Winner’s life.

  • Leadership is a continuous journey. A leader sets the example by continuously invested in their self-improvement is
  • Every successful team/person has a coach and a supporting ecosystem 
  • Every aspiring champion and wannabe winners take support to become an even better performer, a better version of themselves as human and as a leader every day.
  • Leadership is “Becoming”. The opportunity to shine a shade better or bloom in a new dimension is in every little experience. The winners prepare for grabbing these opportunities proactively.
  • Battles are not fought alone. 

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    per months and RM2500 for 3 months
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  • "When we realized that we were missing a lot of opportunities in Malaysia with the tremendous investments in infrastructures, we reached out to CnetG Asia (IRC) for support. Using their vast industry and local market knowledge, they asked unconventional questions about our aspirations, business model, challenges faced and also our individual workstyles and expectations. They had a dedicated team which was very professional, with good planning and structured research skills. The Partner led the whole process and is always available for any queries or advice we needed. They keep a long-term perspective, and continued to coach the candidate we appointed, ensuring that the candidate is well-boarded and assimilated quickly to the business. The candidate was already independent and switched-on in his third month, showing that he was well selected for the business."

    Vice President Sales International, 
  • "Formed an excellent team and rebuilt our workforce culture."

    Senior Vice President, 
    Aker Solutions
  • "We worked with CnetG on recruiting for a key position in our new production plant in Kulim, Malaysia. What makes Raj and his team very different from other headhunters is their approach. They took time to understand our organisation, our expansion plans, our strengths, and our challenges before diving into a search."

    Business Director APAC, 
    United Caps
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