Create maximum impact on the growth of a company when you get onto its board...
The first step into getting on corporate boards is to be able to #brand yourself as a board candidate.
If you wish to influence and impact a company not just during your tenure but beyond it, it’s time you started working toward getting onto its board.

Boards today are looking for members who have stellar reputation and credentials… Members who can make well-informed unbiased decisions that resonate with the company’s values and ethics.
Being a board member also helps you build on your leadership skills and vision for your industry…
It is here that you can truly lend your expertise and years of experience managing diverse teams and stakeholders, to ensure everyone is equally represented and benefits from the company’s growth.
Diversity is an important component of boards today...
As a member of the 30% Club, CnetG reinforces our commitment to taking women executives to the top of their careers, and giving them their rightful access to board placements.

If you too have the vision, dynamism, and desire to govern an organisation, through effective policies and sustainable practices, send us your CV today…
It is CnetG’s endeavour to ensure good leadership finds its way to leading boardrooms across Malaysia and the world!
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  • "Gets the right candidate for the right job."

    COO (Bangkok), 
    leading Engineering solutions provider
  • "Honest, transparent and respectful."

    New Product Planner, 
    Multinational Biopharmaceutical company
  • "Very resourceful, goes to great lengths."

    South Asia RA & PV Manager, 
    International Pharmaceutical company
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