Are you a star performer? Can you transform yourself, others, and perhaps your industry through your vision and dynamism?
CEOs nowadays are defined by their dynamic and nimble approach to foresee and navigate change. 

If you are a game changer, who can instantly impact and contribute to a new organisation, then the CEO title may just be closer than you think!

CnetG’s forte is the ability to connect the right CEO candidate with the right organisation… Culture-value fit is essential for the productivity and success of both, and we facilitate this match.

CnetG’s decade-long experience of working with Fortune 500 multinationals, and leading global and Malaysian organisations will ensure you find your next best career opportunity with us.

Our Senior Partners or Partners, who conduct the C-suite search understand the pulse of local and global organisations and know what they are looking for in a leader. We also hold networking meets where CEOs can gain more insight from other leaders of industry.

Thus we invite all those with a DNA of risk-taking, lateral thinking, and diversity in perspective, to send us your CVs asap. Click on the button below.
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  • "My experience with CnetG was fabulous."

    Group Medical Manager, 
    International Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical company
  • "Gets the right candidate for the right job."

    COO (Bangkok), 
    leading Engineering solutions provider
  • "Honest, transparent and respectful."

    New Product Planner, 
    Multinational Biopharmaceutical company
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