Risk and revenue management are the pillars of financial leadership.

As economic uncertainties heighten, leaders in the banking and finance sector need to be both brave and alert…

The financial sector is a rapidly evolving one. 

We see disruptions in this industry both at the micro level wherein product categories are changing; and we see disruption in the sector as a whole, as various macro-economic and geopolitical factors impact it.

The consumer too is getting more risk averse and weary of new investment instruments.   

To help mitigate risk, and monitor customer revenue, leaders of financial markets need to be active and alert, grasping changing market trends, and becoming future-ready with technology, to collate data, and serve the customer better. 

Consequently, data security also becomes a concern for the financial industry, as do factors like transparency and regulatory scrutiny.

To manage all these aspects well, organisations in the financial industry need to build teams that can work effectively across functions like, investor strategy, regulations, risk management, customer relationship management and technology.

To helm such teams effectively, leaders need to be both numbers and data-driven to map trends in the markets, as well as people-driven, to factor in the needs and fears of cautious investors.   

Leaders in this sector also have to bring with them a vast amount of credibility and experience, so that boards, investors, and team can trust the leader, and allow him/her to steer the company toward growth and profitability. 

CnetG Asia has worked with the world’s leading financial services organisations on a local and regional level. Our financial services practice groups are skilled at identifying talent for niche and complex roles.
We understand the distinct nature of corporate banking vis-à-vis investment banking, and how professional with backgrounds in either of the two, have difficulty moving and performing when they switch between them. 

This is because the cultural environment and the products of the two sub-sectors are unique in themselves. 

Thus we look for the candidates with a similar background, so that they can slip easily into their roles, and adapt to the cultural backgrounds, without any delays in productivity.

The client coverage function has now moved from acquisition to client servicing, regionally and globally. We find talent who can understand hybrid financial products, as well as help the company expand internationally or undertake large scale projects abroad.   

The financial industry is indeed an intricate and crucial one, and we understand its depth and impact not just on the economy, but on each and every investor’s life it touches! 

Our expertise:
  • Consumer and Corporate Banking 
  • Investment Banking 
  • Wealth Management 
  • Insurance 
  • Accounting and Finance 
  • Bank Assurance 
  • Audit 
  • Cash Management 
  • Compliance 
  • Credit Management
  • Debt / Fixed Incomes 
  • FX / Money Markets 
  • Investor Relations 
  • Trading 
  • Treasury 
  • Tax 
  • Risk 
  • SME 
  • Relationship Banking
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