CnetG Asia Launches Equate8: Empowering Women Leaders through Networking and Growth

We held the first-ever cocktail and networking evening on “Speak up, own your space – Women’s power phrases and posture for leadership ” marking the launch of "Equate8".

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In a significant stride towards promoting gender diversity and empowering women leaders, CnetG Asia, also known as Kestria Malaysia, proudly introduces "Equate8" - an innovative platform designed to foster networking and growth opportunities exclusively for women leaders. The platform, which emerged from an idea that originated in 2016, has finally come to fruition with the successful launch of Equate8, providing a secure and supportive space for women to connect and thrive.

The inaugural session of Equate8 witnessed the participation of esteemed guest speaker Piyali Mandal, a renowned leadership and executive coach. Piyali imparted invaluable insights to the attendees, focusing on embracing the art of speaking up and cultivating a robust leadership vocabulary. As women leaders enjoyed the ambience of Barra on Six at Traders Hotel, they engaged in stimulating conversations while savoring handcrafted cocktails, mocktails, and delectable canapes.

Networking among women often differs from traditional networking, and Equate8 recognizes and celebrates these differences. Women network differently due to various reasons, including social conditioning, historical gender roles, and the need for a supportive and nurturing environment. Women often seek a safe space where they can share experiences, challenges, and triumphs with like-minded peers who understand their unique perspectives. Equate8 provides precisely that - a supportive community that enables women leaders to grow both personally and professionally.

As pioneers of gender diversity, CnetG Asia has consistently supported female leaders through inclusive selection processes. They have actively advocated for women's advancement in leadership positions and have been proud partners of the 30% Club Malaysia, a notable initiative committed to achieving greater gender balance on corporate boards.

"Equate8" represents a natural extension of CnetG Asia's commitment to empowering women leaders. The platform aims to bridge the gender gap in leadership by enabling board members and corporate executives to share their knowledge, tips, and insights with aspiring women leaders. Through a collaborative approach, Equate8 seeks to further strengthen the leadership capabilities of women, both in the present and future, fostering an environment where women can thrive and succeed.
Equate8 will be seamlessly integrated into CnetG Asia's signature Women as Leaders program, enhancing the program's effectiveness in nurturing and developing women leaders. By providing a networking platform that encourages open dialogue, shared experiences, and meaningful connections, Equate8 will play a pivotal role in breaking barriers and unlocking the full potential of women leaders across industries.

With Equate8, CnetG Asia reaffirms its commitment to promoting gender diversity, empowering women leaders, and creating a more inclusive and equitable professional landscape. By fostering a strong network of women leaders, Equate8 aims to inspire change, drive progress, and pave the way for a future where women stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their male counterparts in leadership roles. As the platform gains momentum, it is set to become a beacon of support, collaboration, and empowerment for women leaders, marking a significant step forward in the journey towards achieving true gender equality in the corporate world.
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