Sharing risk and sharing risk rewards, are the cornerstones of our business, which had recently celebrated her 19th anniversary.
In line with our driving principle, Sharing Risks, Sharing Rewards, CnetG Asia have come in support of our clients who are now battling the continuous pressure caused by COVID-19 on their business. As they face anxiety and uncertainty amid situations that continue to evolve, there is a pressing need to re-evaluate workforce strategies and investments. However, some key vacancies need to be filled and it is during this time we need to come together to find opportunities to serve each other. In order to support clients to continue with the hiring, CnetG Asia is offering a deferment of 50% of invoices for all new searches until the pandemic is contained. 

We also understand that the impact of COVID-19 places a great deal of stress and challenge on even season executives. Our Leadership Coaching team is offering complimentary one-hour “Speakeasy Coaching Session” to key executives of clients who need a sounding board around leadership resilience that will help reboot their leadership strength by tapping on their reservoir of experience and knowledge. 

To find out more about our executive search and leadership coaching, please contact us.

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