CnetG Asia hosted the CXO Exchange, an exclusive roundtable with 5 CXOs to discuss trends and challenges in cybersecurity. The virtual roundtable based on the Chatham House rule was attended by CIOs and CISOs who discussed among others, managing hybrid IT security, cybersecurity talent and future of cybersecurity – concerns and silver-lining. 

The feedback we've gathered from this event offers great encouragement in our attempt to strengthen our efforts in facilitating dialogues and discussions on key themes and issues affecting businesses today. 

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Managing Partner of CnetG Asia and IRC Global Executive Search Partners ended the session by sharing that employer preferences have changed from employer branding to leadership branding. The new generation of graduates that is joining the workforce will want to work with companies that are big in innovation and committed to people, profit and planet. They will ask more questions about the leader they will be working for, including what do they stand for and how will the leader facilitate their growth. Raj also thanked the participants and shared that the insights gained from this roundtable will add value to our executive search and selection process.

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