IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened a virtual roundtable featuring executive leaders from across APAC, the Americas, and Europe to discuss pandemic-driven accelerated growth in the tech sector, and what it means for tech companies and their investment in growth and human capital in the short and mid-term.
2020 was a year of new challenges, with implications for work and life, brought on by a global pandemic, but with those challenges came tremendous opportunities for growth for those companies ready to rise to the occasion. For many organizations, this meant not only moving to a completely remote mode of work but also a change in their core beliefs and way of doing business. Limitations on commonplace activities like shopping and dining out led to companies rethinking their business models and coming up with creative solutions.
2020 was a year of unprecedented growth for the tech industry
While many traditional businesses struggled in 2020, there were tremendous opportunities for growth in certain industries. “Tech companies were already more familiar with the idea of teleworking, so they were in a better position to move online compared to the retail sector, not only because of the adaptability of developers, but also because they had the knowledge and the means to make it happen, and at the same time they saw their sales rise because of the need for more technology and automation,” stated Maria Pedoulaki, Group Chief Financial Officer of SoftOne Technologies.

What’s more, certain departments within companies were better equipped to handle the challenges of remote work. Developers, for example...
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