Hiring more locals to fill top posts at Western multinational corporations (MNCs) operating in Asia doesn’t just further inclusion, it’s good business. Localising leadership requires overcoming cultural conditioning in certain Asian cultures that may, in certain circumstances, be a hindrance to upward mobility in large global organisations, but organisations that are cultivating local management in the region seldom regret it.
Unilever Singapore General Manager Banjo Castillo is a native of The Philippines who recognised the cultural nuances that proved challenging to upward mobility within a large Western MNC and addressed them by pushing himself to gain international experience and adjust, where necessary, to develop a functional leadership style of his own.

Asian markets will, in aggregate, contribute the largest share of global GDP by 2030, with some of the fastest growing countries represented in Southeast Asia. Many MNCs have made these surging Asian economies a central focus of their strategy over the past decade as growth in more developed nations plateaued...
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