IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened affiliates and business partners at three regional summits covering Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Americas in early 2019 to spark an intercontinental discussion about leadership and organizational preparedness in an era characterized by accelerating technological change and disruption.
The list of distinguished delegates and speakers who gathered in the outskirts of New Delhi for the IRC APAC Summit included 1mg Technologies CEO Prashant Tandon, who championed simplicity as a guiding principle for business processes and innovation. Delegates brainstormed and formed a consensus on what it takes to excel in a world of growing complexity, how to develop resilient teams, anticipate future knowledge needs and transform organisations to be future-ready.

At the IRC EMEA Regional Meeting in London, delegates offered guidance on how to align individual and organisational values, make leaders “future-fit” and organisations “future-ready”. David Haley, Senior Vice President at global outsourcing services provider Atos, emphasised the need to develop talent and leverage technology to prepare for a more competitive and complex future...
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