Power Hour: Unveiling the Mechanism to Discover Inner self through Self-Assessment to Relationship Management

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Society is just like the wheels of a car. To keep it running, all wheels should remain intact but within their limitations, any bumps on the road disturb the whole spectrum of driving. If a tire gets punctured, we try to repair it earliest until or unless it ruptures. During this entire process, the vehicle is stopped to a halt to wait for the damaged tire to be replaced.

Likewise, in life, neither we can survive alone nor move forward while damaging others. To keep everything in place, the car of society should collectively progress in the right direction. Being within a large corporate or an organization, you might have met with people who want to win at any cost without encompassing the damage injecting onto others. There's no harm in winning; even mentoring and recruitment experts launch executive search initiatives to unveil such talent. But there's a pre-condition for such a triumph, winner shouldn't suppress others.

Similarly, self-praising for achievements and crushing others for failures is also a common flaw. Some people adopt a 'never say No' policy and end up being exploited by others. Which force is driving these behaviours, their potential outcomes, and the ways to cater to them efficiently? Let's dive into it.

Understanding your employees’ differences

We all possess certain archetypes evolved or pre-installed in our nature. There is a universal rule that excess of anything can be fatal. Just like an overinflated car tire that can explode at any moment disrupting the motion of the car.

What's the solution here? Should we throw employees out of the boat just because they have overly strong or underdeveloped archetypes. Let’s say that your team has an employee who performs exceptionally well but possesses a certain archetype. Is it wise to overlook his performance just because of a single curable weakness? No. If deficiency is treatable, then we need someone or something to treat it.

This is where Power Hour unlocks its exceptional competency. The team developing Power Hour, have conducted rigorous tests and religiously followed their outcomes to devise a program centred on this specific issue encountered by management. We implement this as a personal assessment tool circling positive intelligence to better understand our environment and happenings occurring inside.

The target and assessment

This assessment test makes us self-aware. Any self-aware individual can easily list their own weaknesses and strengths. Once determined, employees can gain access to deeper insights about themselves and others living around them, which will help in co-creating strategies. Via evaluations, our team develops an understanding of participants' archetype levels. Ultimately, assisting people in aligning their careers and lives in the required direction.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to better understand their co-workers. This will not only level up the collaboration but will also lead to emotional upbringing.

Power Hour: approach, and outcome

The Power Hour session provides an insight to employees which in turn could lead them to identify methods to help them tackle their emotions to relieve stress, overcome challenges, and diffuse conflicts. We work in a cyclic manner by starting from self-awareness which leads to self-management stage. At the same time, social awareness and relationship management are the central considerations during this one-hour session.

This session lasts for one hour while taking only one organization at a time because we believe that every organizational system has its own culture, which should be dealt with in a personalized way. We also don't care about numbers but work for quality; that's why only 10-20 participants can take part in one virtual session.

Our Executive Coaching Team members at CnetG, one of the largest Management Consulting Firm and Agency globally, consist of human-resources and industry experts as well as leadership coaches who have worked with multinational organization.

So, what are you waiting for? You can enhance your organizational work efficiency manifolds by applying the principles of positive and emotional intelligence through a Power Hour session.

You can get more specific details by following this link or contact us directly here.

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