This is the stark choice facing business in the digital age and, says David Haley, Senior Vice President of Atos, complete transformation is the answer.
Find out how the power of the individual – a beginner or an ‘old-hand’ – can transform a company; why personal development for leaders and employees alike is essential; how your staff can become ‘change agents ‘ to lead colleagues; why flexibility – both for you and your mission – is key; and discover why a former disc jockey and an international football star are icons of transformation.

If searching for someone who is the embodiment of his work, look no further than David Haley. When he left school in 1982, he did not go on to university. His mother had other plans. Convinced that nuclear conflict was imminent, she decided her son needed a skill that would secure his future in re-building the shattered post-war world. So, he became an apprentice electrician in his home city of Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England...

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