The global workplace is changing rapidly. By 2022, the frontier between humans and machines will have shifted significantly. Thus, humanity needs a reboot and will be the real differentiator. Companies are being implored to act now and to upskill their workforce with people skills such as communication, intercultural competencies, complex problem solving and emotional intelligence capabilities.
Gone are the days when the workplace was merely a physical space with regular office hours. The world of work is going through a period of unprecedented transformation. Deloitte states that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the marriage of physical and digital technology, promises to upend how all of us work, from interns to top executives. Machines will change the context of jobs, leading people to specialize in tasks that are unpredictable, not robotic.

Klaus Schwab puts it in the preface of the World Economic Forums’ Future of Jobs report 2018: “The emerging contours of the new world of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution are rapidly becoming a lived reality for millions of workers and companies around the world. The inherent opportunities for economic prosperity, societal progress and individual flourishing in this new world of work are enormous yet depend crucially on the ability of all concerned stakeholders to reform.”
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