1. Have a IWD themed morning or tea session with women speakers.
  2. Profile some of your organisation’s amazing women on your website, even better alongside male leaders.
  3. Hold a seminar or forum with keynote speeches by women in your industry or your organization
  4. Share your business current statistics on gender diversity.
  5. Allow all employees 2 hours off to celebrate the women in their life. This might be perplexing for male colleagues but their spouses will truly appreciate it.
  6. Present the book BECOMING by Michelle Obama to all your senior leaders.
  7. Tackle an issue you are uniquely positioned for - Support women-owned businesses. Make a pledge that increases equal opportunity for all suppliers/vendors.
  8. Contribute to a Cause.
  9. Encourage employees to send a thank you note to their female colleagues.
  10. Make a pledge to improve inclusion in the workplace.

Thank you for advocating for diversity!
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