Weave Diversity & Inclusion into the Fabric of your Organisation.

‘Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being part of the dance. Unconscious Bias is when all the guests are doing their own thing, and only a few good friends are dancing!’

Organisations nowadays need more than innovative products, cutting-edge solutions, and go-to-market strategies… They need a future-fluent leadership team that can connect with a multi-generational and diverse workforce. 

Today’s leaders need to do more with less, become comfortable with disruptions, and tolerant of ambiguity. Yet, they need to strike fast enough when opportunity arises. 

To act nimbly and make quick decisions, organisations can leverage the diversity of thought, behaviors and experience that emerge from across the spectrum of diversity, i.e. age, ethnicity, nationality and gender leaders.
For this, leaders need to engage with talent creatively, and ignite in them a sense of purpose and commitment.
But, for any successful cultural transformation, change must begin from the top… 

So, to equip leaders with the benefits of D&I, and to create sustainable systems for its implementation, we have designed the D&I consulting programme, with a two-pronged approach:

  1. Awareness through Creative Interventions: A customized programme on the unconscious bias (UB), will create awareness on the importance of D&I in your organisation, and also work to create systems that are sustainable.

    We have seen many organisations develop a greater UB, once they become aware of it. For example, women get more stereotyped rather than less. To combat this, our interventions align leaders with the benefits of reducing or eliminating the UB, and becoming more inclusive. The interactive tools used will help the organisation navigate any disruptions caused thereof and help create lasting mindset changes.

  2. Systemic Changes: The next step is to create systems and processes in an organisation that are gender-neutral. This is done by reviewing the recruitment, retention, promotion and development phase of the employee lifecycle. A career relaunch programme, a robust recruitment campaign (including the interview and selection program), and a leadership development plan are some of the powerful delivery techniques used here.

Our programme will work with a cohort of astute leaders who will role-model inclusive and bias-free values and behaviours. CEOs and CHROs can kick start it, and it can be followed by other senior executives in the organisation.

Through our well-designed tools, leaders will gain more insight on cultural diversity, and the skills needed to create direction, alignment, and commitment across boundaries of age, gender, ethnicity and nationality.

CnetG will work in tandem with global experts – in boundary spanning leadership and cross-cultural management - to accelerate the organisation’s transformation process. 

The content and success measurement tools will also be designed by us, keeping in mind the organisation’s corporate and local culture. 

Along the development journey, we will facilitate deep discussions on the organisation’s systems and processes to make the change sustainable, and not just a one-time effort.

D&I can unfold great possibilities for an organisation… And our programme shows you just how it can enter the very DNA of your organisation, and transform it!

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  • "When we realized that we were missing a lot of opportunities in Malaysia with the tremendous investments in infrastructures, we reached out to CnetG Asia (IRC) for support. Using their vast industry and local market knowledge, they asked unconventional questions about our aspirations, business model, challenges faced and also our individual workstyles and expectations. They had a dedicated team which was very professional, with good planning and structured research skills. The Partner led the whole process and is always available for any queries or advice we needed. They keep a long-term perspective, and continued to coach the candidate we appointed, ensuring that the candidate is well-boarded and assimilated quickly to the business. The candidate was already independent and switched-on in his third month, showing that he was well selected for the business."

    Vice President Sales International, 
  • "We had this vacancy open for a year. You took everything under your wings, and gave me an excellent team in 6 months.."

    Business Unit Manager, 
  • "…Consistency in quality rather than quantity has been recognisable – hence involving CnetG in our sourcing becomes imperative, it evidently makes our responsibilities easier."

    Head of Talent Development, 
    JTI Malaysia
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