An effective, diverse, and strong board takes a company’s performance to the next level. When you avail of CnetG’s board placement services, you take your company straight to the future!

The good governance of an organisation depends on the strength of its board…

A board that comprises not just big brand names, who move from one company board meeting to another, but those who get totally and truly involved in the growth of an organisation, and the well-being of its stakeholders.

This is possible when board selection is done carefully, keeping in mind the below factors:
The board should comprise diverse members: Traditionally, board members are selected by referral from other board members – people they have worked with, of great reputation and credentials. However, to enable richer discussions, diversity of thought and perspective is crucial. This provides unbiased views that help the board make more well-informed decisions. This is only possible, if the selection process breaks away from traditional databases or common names doing the rounds.

The board should be proactive and regular: A board should comprise of members who can freely give both their expertise and time to the company. They must be accessible over and above scheduled meeting hours. This is particularly true for startups that need more help with decision-making and crisis management in the early days. Additionally, board members should be vigilant and challenge governance issues, as well as help organisations create sustainable practices.

The board should have vision and dynamism: Good leadership is always about vision - foreseeing change, and getting ready to act on it. Good boards thus comprise of leaders capable of change management and who can navigate the company in the right direction. This can be done when board members participate in policy making, support organisational growth, and become active ambassadors of the company, ever-willing to lend their expertise or dip into their networks.

The board ultimately comprises brand ambassadors: Board members are not just focused on effective governance of an organisation, but also represent its best interests internally and externally. Hence, board members need to be selected after matching their capabilities, values, and work ethic with those of the organisation.
The selection process
In an era of shareholder scrutiny, simply flipping one’s rolodex does not bring you the most capable boardroom candidates. The recruitment process must have clear assessment criteria for a candidate’s capabilities, cultural fit, and independence of thought. CnetG helps you enhance your board by finding members compatible to your company’s growth and culture.

CnetG’s active involvement in industry building connects us to a diverse spectrum of high potential board members and board-ready executives. We put great emphasis on the diversity of a board, as it gives us the opportunity to dip into a talent pool that was hitherto unexplored.

As a member of the 30% Club, we interact with top women executives and have access to a long list of highly accomplished women who will be an asset to your board. The 30% mandate was established not just to fill a certain number of women on the board, but to leverage their strength and diversity to enhance the workforce…and that’s exactly what we at CnetG help you with!
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