Improve your Hiring Metrics with our Masterclass on Recruitment.

With the emergence of technology and the internet, both employers and employees have access to a host of choice… More so for employees who have access to multiple work opportunities, making it a challenge for employers to hire and retain top talent.

The key then is to differentiate your organisation’s recruitment strategy by using sophisticated employer branding, compelling employee value propositions and world-class candidate engagement.

CnetG Asia’s Recruitment Masterclass is a customised blended-learning program, that equips your company in creating the ideal recruitment processes, and improves recruitment metrics from the time of CV scanning to hire.

The course will provide you with industry insights and domain knowledge. We will also share with you the fundamentals of recruitment, and the essentials to hire quality candidates and retain the best ones.

The course will address the various challenges you may already be facing in the recruitment process, like:

  1. How to hire quality candidates: It can be exasperating when new hires quit within six months of hiring. Hence, to hire the right candidate for a role, a company needs to constantly review the role requirement, and conduct the stakeholder’s interview in alignment with expectations from both sides… CnetG will provide you with our 50Q checklist that covers all aspects of role profiling.
  2. How to seek out unique candidates: Recruitment is marketing, and thus goes beyond building a CV database and writing job descriptions. It is often easy for companies to hire for junior to mid-level roles, but the ability to source and pitch for senior level - or niche roles - requires much skill and effort. Let us train and coach you with the skills needed to seek new and passive candidates, by understanding their background, and also learning the five dominant buying motives that help clinch a deal!
  3. How to go beyond the CV: Studying the CV is one part of the recruitment process... After that, the real work begins - to engage positively with stakeholders, get advice on the role, gain more market insight on the candidate, and finally to convince high-level candidates to join the organisation.


In this comprehensive and interactive Recruitment Masterclass that comprises a blended learning model, we offer you our know-how, and address all the doubts and challenges you may be facing in recruitments.

These learnings will enhance your company’s ability to increase retention and optimize the impact a candidate can make…just like we’ve seen through the several hires we’ve connected to organisations.

We’re here to help you help yourselves… So, take advantage of this cutting-edge Recruitment Masterclass, and empower your in-house acquisition teams!

  • "Formed an excellent team and rebuilt our workforce culture."

    Senior Vice President, 
    Aker Solutions
  • "CnetG stands out as a partner and have been a pleasure to deal with, attentive but not pushy. They will not mislead to gain new business and exhibit real integrity which seems a rarity amongst recruiters."

    Managing Director, 
    Roche Malaysia
  • "Our first choice in Executive Search. Efficient and driven by principles."

    Vice President, 
    Human Resources Siemens Malaysia
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