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Leadership learning system to make your leadership team increase business performance and efficiency, by leading self, others and across organizations. Leadership comes together with management. However when employees are promoted to leadership positions, suddenly they find themselves less effective as they have not been prepared for the transition.

Successful executives of this learning event typically report gaining better clarity in their life purpose, better control on their time, more quality time with their family, better working relationship with their teams, colleagues and their leaders. This typically translates to better engaged team, better collaboration and communication contributing to better business results.

  • Learning Objectives
    1. Managing Yourself
    • Managing Energy - Leveraging high energy zones
    • Executive presence
    • Developing flexibility, balance and being grounded
    • Life balance
    2. Managing teams
    • Are you a Manager or a Leader?
    • Managing downwards - Flexibility and gaining commitment
    3. Managing across
    • Conflict Management
    • Solution focus
    4. Managing upwards
    • Tactical Vs Strategic
    • Syncing with 4 types of leaders

  • Learning Outcomes
    • Raised level of self awareness
    • Improved prioritisation
    • Leveraging high energy zones
    • Improved flex in leadership styles
    • Better collaboration

  • Program Details
    * This is an in-house program and the price are for 8 persons.
  • Your Coach

    Vijayakumar Rajagopal - Executive Coach, Mentor, Facilitator

    Vijayakumar Rajagopal, is an experienced facilitator and coach and delights in the joy of making others great.

    Until October 2016, Vijay was serving in Global leadership roles of Shell. His 30-year career includes 10 years in Shell covering leadership roles in Strategy advisory, Aviation Global management, Project Management, Engineering Management, Technical consultancy, Process optimisation and Operations. Prior to Shell, Vijay was with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company – Abu Dhabi, Kuwait National Petroleum Company - Kuwait and Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, India.

    Vijay is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India and holds Project Management Professional, Executive Coaching , NLP Master Practitioner and CBT practitioner certification.

    His vast experience across the globe in a variety of leadership roles has helped him tailor his engagements across cultures.

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