Women Leadership can drive Business Transformation.

We facilitate the progress of women into senior executive roles through leadership development and systemic organisational change.


It is seen internationally, and even locally, that while women successfully enter line manager and middle manager roles, they seldom make it to senior executive positions. This could be due to personal reasons or due to unconscious and inherent biases in the systems and processes of organisations.

It is of critical importance to have women in executive leadership positions as they provide a healthy counterbalance to male leaders. However, it is also vital for male leaders to believe in advancing women and advocating with conscious action. The first step towards evolving mindsets is not a radical change but for leaders to initiate a conversation about the way women perceive their own leadership capabilities and the way organisations perceive women in leadership roles.

To take this agenda forward, we have designed a Women as Leaders program, in association with Cranfield Business School. In collaboration with participating organisations, we will customize the program to suit the context, keeping in mind its local culture and diversity policies. The interventions will be designed and delivered in tandem with CnetG consultants, local experts and Cranfield’s expert faculty.

Cranfield has many years of international experience and research, on the leadership scenario of women in organisations, while we have practical consulting and development expertise in addressing the lack of women in senior roles, as a result of our work with client organisations.

The Women as Leaders program, wishes to accelerate the journey of women into leadership roles not by ‘fixing’ them, but by offering a supportive environment for them to understand the organisational barriers, if any, and enabling change where possible.

Our client organisations in turn, need to actively support the progress of their women talent, and commit themselves to further their diversity and inclusion (D&I) agenda.

The program will see women leaders from various industries with similar challenges, work in a consortium of five or six; sharing best practices, learning, supporting and getting feedback from each other. Women participants can then work with those takeaways, to device new ideas and systems for practical change in their respective organisations.


  • The women participants will recognize their individual leadership styles and adapt them to suit the organisational dynamics. Thus, they will address self-limiting barriers as well as organisational barriers.
  • They will also leverage their roles as senior leaders to nurture the widest possible talent pool of future leaders.

The 'Women as Leaders Program’ is not just about developing women leaders, but about creating all-round organisational change, through a complete systemic and cultural overhaul. This change can be best developed and implemented from a strong voice at the top…and, sometimes, that may just be the voice of a woman!

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